Teen Counseling and Therapy in Charleston

Why Therapy Works For Teens:

Therapy provides a neutral space for teens to explore values and develop skills to manage anxiety, self-doubt, social barriers, and academic difficulties. I work by helping teens take ownership and accountability of their emotions and actions in a supportive and empowering environment.

What To Expect Your First Session:

I typically meet with teens and their parents/caregivers for most of the first session. I will ask to hear about present challenges and goals from everyone's perspective. We then work together to develop a plan of action. 


When I meet with teens one-on-one, I first "de-mystify" the therapy process, which often helps reduce some of their fears. I integrate my training in evidence-based therapies seamlessly into an approachable and laid-back discussion. This makes my sessions with teens have a natural flow and feel less 'clinical' while still addressing important issues. 

Therapy and Counseling for Teens

Friends by the Lake

You know that being a teenager is hard

Seeing your teen struggle is an awful feeling, especially when you have been doing everything you can to support them

You know they are bright, strong, and capable of great things

You just wish they believed it themselves.

I Most Commonly Help Teens With:

Anxiety & Stress

Academic Challenges & ADHD



Body Image Concerns

Friendships and Relationships

Identity (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity)