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Therapy for Teens

Helping your teen find confidence and calm in a fast-paced world

Parenting a teenager is hard.

You shouldn't have to do it alone.

And all teenagers, regardless of how they're doing, benefit from therapy. 


As a parent, I know what it is like to just want your child to see themselves the way you do.

I help teens take ownership and accountability of their emotions in a supportive and empowering environment.

Happy Family

How I Work

I will work with your teen to:

  • Learn new skills to manage stress and anxiety

  • Manage big emotions

  • Break the cycle of negative thinking and harsh self-talk

  • Overcome social isolation and make positive connections

  • Build healthy and respectful relationships 

  • Explore personal identity and values

  • Communicate more effectively with family members

  • Prepare for big changes: Like driving, graduation, college, work, and launching into adulthood


Most importantly: We will explore how they can build a life that is personally meaningful and includes their support system. 

I will also support you, their parent, in finding the way to 'speak the same the language' and connect. I will be available to help you identify communication barriers, how to work together to make this time one of connection instead of disconnection. 

I offer joint parent-teen sessions, regular parent coordination meetings, and parents have access to my secure messaging portal to have access to me at any point in your teen's care. 

What To Expect Your First Session:

In most cases, I meet with both the teen and parent(s) during our first session. This allows me to hear all perspectives from the start. We then work together to develop a plan of action. 

I'll also make sure to spend some time one-on-one with your teen so they can get to know me better. They are often pleasantly surprised to see my humor, realism, and ability to call it how I see it. I seamlessly integrate evidence-based therapy skills into a conversation that has natural flow and does not feel 'clinical' or forced. 

Choosing an experienced, skilled therapist for your teen is so important, I encourage you to read about my training and background in making this decision as well as take advantage of my free consultation. 


Interested in speaking with me?

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