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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety and depression fill your mind with worst-case scenarios and negative thought patterns.

Therapy can help you break the cycle.

You may relate to one of the following:

  • You feel "on edge" or uneasy a lot.

  • You find yourself feeling easily overwhelmed.

  • You have difficulty concentrating or finishing tasks.

  • You feel irritable or easily annoyed, you may 'snap' at others unintentionally.

  • You are a 'perfectionist' and have strong standards you feel you must live up to.

  • You feel uncomfortable in social settings or public spaces.

  • You struggle with procrastination or avoidance of stressful tasks. 

  • You withdraw from others (ignore messages, don't return calls, or self-isolate).

  • You feel unmotivated, exhausted, or drained.

  • You feel others do not like you, accept you, or want to be around you.


How I Work:

Anxiety and depression symptoms can prevent you from living a life that feels purposeful and

fulfilling. I can help you quiet the anxious mind, conquer negative thought patterns, and break the cycle of avoidance, self-isolation, and stress.

My therapeutic approach is person-centered and my training is rooted in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders and depression. I blend CBT seamlessly into my approach to help sessions have a natural flow and feel less 'clinical' while still addressing important issues. I love this approach because it helps my clients develop coping skills to work on outside of sessions. 


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