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Eating Disorder &
Body Image Therapy

You grew up on diets. 

Some of your earliest memories are of times you felt uncomfortable in your own body.

So much of your time and energy goes into planning:

Where will we eat, what will I wear, how will I feel in my body?

Your internal critic is loud and relentless.


What if

it doesn't always have to be this way?

Friends at the Beach
Rock Maze

Peace in your body is possible.

I follow the established best practices in the field of disordered eating recovery. I approach recovery in a holistic manner that integrates your present needs with a plan that fits into your lifestyle. For many of my clients, this will involve integrating a team of professionals who will work together to support you in all facets of this important work. 

I believe:

  • Your body is not reflective of your health status.

  • Anyone can experience contentment in their body. 

  • Therapy helps deconstruct the toxic messages we have internalized from our diet-focused culture.

  • That healing your relationship with your body is the most important thing you will do for yourself.

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