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Some experiences leave significant imprints on our mind, body, and spirit.

Therapy can help you find relief from painful experiences and regain a sense of safety in your life and relationships. 


Many people do not realize that trauma symptoms can be experienced after a wide variety of experiences: Such as after the death of a loved one, a significant break-up or relationship loss, or an experience of bullying or harassment.

You may relate to some of the following:

  • You feel you can't stop thinking about an event (or) avoid anything that reminds you about an event or experience.

  • You find it difficult to trust others and develop close, fulfilling relationships.

  • You feel "chronically overwhelmed."

  • You feel "numb" or disconnected. 

  • You think you are "thin-skinned" or "too sensitive."

  • You experience unexplained aches and pains (your body may feel tense or tight).

  • You have difficulty feeling rested even after a full night's sleep. 

  • Your brain feels "foggy" and you have difficulty remembering things.

  • You find yourself feeling easily irritated or angry.

  • You feel emotionally "raw" and vulnerable.

  • You fear "confrontation" and avoid conflict at all costs.


How I Work:

I help individuals find relief from traumatic experiences and regain their sense of safety in the world and their relationships. My approach to trauma is holistic and multi-fold: I integrate somatic techniques, cognitive processing theory, and mindfulness-based stress reduction to help clients cope with and find relief from trauma symptoms. This helps address both the "brain" aspect of trauma and the "body" response to trauma memories. 



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Trauma & PTSD

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